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By Toni Twitty

For many of the afflictions acupuncture can treat – allergies, back pain, headaches, the list goes on – reducing inflammation in the body is a primary reason acupuncture is successful. For decades now, doctors and medical researchers have been trying to learn what the biological mechanism is that allows acupuncture to reduce inflammation in the body.

In a study published in August of last year, it seems scientists got a little closer to the answer. Through inducing a system-wide inflammatory response in mice, the scientists found acupuncture signaling pathways could either reduce or increase the inflammation.

While they weren’t able to pinpoint the exact neurological or chemical pathways that allowed acupuncture to decrease inflammation in the body, they did pinpoint three important factors that influence the success of an acupuncture treatment. The findings move researchers closer to defining how exactly acupuncture works in the body and offer suggestions to medical professionals treating patients with systemic inflammation.

Through the study, researchers identified location, intensity and timing to be important factors in the efficacy of acupuncture treatments. So, where on the mice they administered acupuncture, how strong it was and how often it was administered had significant effects on their health. These findings suggest acupuncture could be further integrated into healthy living.  

Acupuncture has been shown to reduce inflammation for a variety of conditions, including neuropathy, fibromyalgia, digestion, alpha gal, back pain, neck pain, and other chronic pain. We don’t have to wait for neuroscientists to tease out the exact biological mechanisms before we take advantage of this life-improving medicine. If you or a loved one are suffering call us at Be Well Acupuncture OKC today to get started. 405-697-5121

Dr. Toni Twitty, owner of Be Well Acupuncture OKC in Oklahoma City, OK is an expert Acupuncturist. She specializes in resolving pain, treating chronic conditions, general wellness, and fertility. Learn more about Toni and get started on your road to better health today!