Success Stories

..hear from some of our patients!

Toni is absolutely an amazing acupuncturist!

Toni is absolutely an amazing acupuncturist who really seems to get who I am as a person. This alone just helps me be able to go see her. I can walk into her office and know I’m not going to be judged, but still get quality treatments from a medical provider.

I love her can-do attitude and her willingness to accommodate me. It’s a different concept to spend time with patients nowadays, as most doctors have you waiting longer than they actually spend face-to-face time with you! And Toni definitely takes the time to focus on your treatments, and doesn’t have you rushing out to make another quick buck (or like many other acupuncturists I’ve been to…taking patients on top of your treatment time in another room).

She has an incredible knowledge base having been pre-med before studying acupuncture. I feel completely comfortable telling her anything, because I know her heart is in the right place and that she can truly help me.


Toni fixed me right up!

20+ years in the martial arts have left me with numerous low back, hip, and shoulder aches and pains. My wife talked me into trying acupuncture and the pain that I previously assumed that I would have to deal with for the rest of my life is essentially gone!

If you are looking for pain relief, be sure to see my wife for Acupuncture because she rocks!


My pain is essentially gone!

Toni is very passionate about the well-being of her patients and she makes me feel at ease during each appointment. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to acupuncture and what treatments are best. I actually look forward to having needles being put in me every week!

In addition to facial rejuvenation acupuncture, I can’t believe how many of my health conditions and issues that acupuncture can treat successfully such as high blood pressure, stress, TMJ, and IBS! Toni is the best – LOVE!!!


My wrinkles (and stress) are disappearing!

I have seen Toni a few times and I always feel great afterwards! I have back problems and my sciatic nerve has been hurting bad.

Toni fixed me right up!


Be Well Acupuncture Gave Me My Life Back

I had been virtually homebound for three years with what would be a minor back issue if it didn’t refer pain to my knees. But the pain was so intense, it made it impossible to walk or stand for more than two or three minutes at a time. I was exhausted and burned out from the pain, and the inactivity had made me physically very weak. Chiropractic did not help, and I had tried acupuncture before without success. I found Be Well Acupuncture online, and after reading the reviews, I was cautiously hopeful that aupuncture was worth another try.

I had several visits before I had my first 1/2 day of no knee pain, but it has been continuing to improve ever since. Toni Penery [Twitty] is a true degreed acupuncturist, knowledgeable and highly skilled. She is gentle and caring. She understood my doubts, my stress, and my needle-phobia. She knew what I needed besides the cessation of pain. I now do housework and cook again. I can drive the car and shop without a scooter. I can sit in a restaurant chair. I can walk 2 miles at the strongly uphill setting of 6 on my treadmill and do sprints on the stationary bike. I can lift weights and i’m getting my strength back. And I feel better in general, as well. Toni Penery [Twitty] has literally given me back my life, and I can’t thank her enough. Thank you, Toni!


Acupuncture For Fertility

After 2 miscarriages in one year, I needed to switch things up a bit. I did a little brief research about acupunture, searched online for a clinic local to me and found Toni at [Be Well Acupuncture].

She is approachable and friendly, which makes having those conversations easier. She’s not judgmental and her straighforward approach was very appreciated. The needle placement was fine and nothing hurt.

She’s a good listener; something I don’t find often with some doctors. The new place is great! Great location and overall good vibes.


Back Pain Relieved with Acupuncture!

I have had chronic back pain for nearly 10 years. I have seen physical therapists, doctors, and have been open to any type of relief I could find. I was having a particularly painful episode in my upper back not long ago and went and saw Toni.

After a short, painless treatment I was instantly relieved and did not have any back pain whatsoever for about 10 days (a personal record). I HIGHLY recommend Toni and would (and have) told as many folks as I can to give acupuncture a shot.


Acupuncture is Fun!

Toni of Be Well Acupuncture is incredible! She’s experienced in Eastern and Western medicine which makes her diagnostic skills incredible. She’s a great listener and you can be yourself around her.

She is thoughtful in crafting a treatment plan and choosing a treatment that is customized exactly for you and your needs. She’s also very funny and down to earth. I always looked forward to our treatments because they were so much fun.

I always leave feeling fantastic! Go see Toni, you’ll love her and her treatments!


Toni Is An Acupuncturist You Can Trust With Your Health And Well-Being

Before working with Toni, I was struggling with high stress levels, anxiety, and depression. Within the first few weeks, I noticed a dramatic difference in how I felt and how I went about my life.

I see her on a weekly or bi weekly basis now, and would highly recommend her services.


Toni is the most incredible Acupuncturist I have ever worked with.

This is my year to put my health first!

The new year has me thinking a lot about my self care and the positive and negative energy I attract! One of the biggest things I have done for almost 2 years is acupuncture with Toni Twitty at Be Well Acupuncture! The things I have experienced have been nothing but life changing! My migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, depression (omg has it done wonders), my anxiety, stress, insomnia, mood and energy level! I could go on and on about the great things that have came out of the treatments!

As a recovering Alcoholic & Addict I was never worried about hiding my addictions or recovery with Toni. Toni used her knowledge to find a way of peace to help me through my first struggling months of sobriety. The treatments I received worked miracles on my withdraws, headaches and trimmers. Even though my body was not wanting to give those things up and made every day a suffer, the work that Toni did always brought me back to center & peace. Toni has been one the biggest emotional supports through my recovery. Her treatments, knowledge and empowering works has made my family and myself forever grateful!

Toni’s knowledge and personal experience is not like any other I have experienced in this field! I have a person who cares and wants the goodness of my health not the goodness of my dollar! This is a new year, put you body and mind in the good hands of Toni! You will forever be grateful!