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Be Well Acupuncture Gave Me My Life Back

I had been virtually homebound for three years with what would be a minor back issue if it didn’t refer pain to my knees. But the pain was so intense, it made it impossible to walk or stand for more than two or three minutes at a time. I was exhausted and burned out from the pain, and the inactivity had made me physically very weak. Chiropractic did not help, and I had tried acupuncture before without success. I found Be Well Acupuncture online, and after reading the reviews, I was cautiously hopeful that aupuncture was worth another try.

I had several visits before I had my first 1/2 day of no knee pain, but it has been continuing to improve ever since. Toni Penery [Twitty] is a true degreed acupuncturist, knowledgeable and highly skilled. She is gentle and caring. She understood my doubts, my stress, and my needle-phobia. She knew what I needed besides the cessation of pain. I now do housework and cook again. I can drive the car and shop without a scooter. I can sit in a restaurant chair. I can walk 2 miles at the strongly uphill setting of 6 on my treadmill and do sprints on the stationary bike. I can lift weights and i’m getting my strength back. And I feel better in general, as well. Toni Penery [Twitty] has literally given me back my life, and I can’t thank her enough. Thank you, Toni!

– Cocoa

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