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Toni Is An Acupuncturist You Can Trust With Your Health And Well-Being

This is my year to put my health first!

The new year has me thinking a lot about my self care and the positive and negative energy I attract! One of the biggest things I have done for almost 2 years is acupuncture with Toni Twitty at Be Well Acupuncture! The things I have experienced have been nothing but life changing! My migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, depression (omg has it done wonders), my anxiety, stress, insomnia, mood and energy level! I could go on and on about the great things that have came out of the treatments!

As a recovering Alcoholic & Addict I was never worried about hiding my addictions or recovery with Toni. Toni used her knowledge to find a way of peace to help me through my first struggling months of sobriety. The treatments I received worked miracles on my withdraws, headaches and trimmers. Even though my body was not wanting to give those things up and made every day a suffer, the work that Toni did always brought me back to center & peace. Toni has been one the biggest emotional supports through my recovery. Her treatments, knowledge and empowering works has made my family and myself forever grateful!

Toni’s knowledge and personal experience is not like any other I have experienced in this field! I have a person who cares and wants the goodness of my health not the goodness of my dollar! This is a new year, put you body and mind in the good hands of Toni! You will forever be grateful!  -Anonymous

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