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Helped My Sciatica Pain During Pregnancy!

I developed the worst sciatic pain during my third trimester of pregnancy. I started daily chiropractic care as well as physical therapy and other measures to try and help with the pain. Nothing seemed to work. My father suggested I try acupuncture with Toni at Be Well Acupuncture. Upon my very first session with Toni, I immediately had pain relief from the debilitating sciatic pain I had developed. I could not believe one treatment could ease the pain so much after trying so many different avenues to help . Toni was so knowledgable with the exact spots to help the pain and her practice is so beautiful and professional. I am a huge believer now in acupuncture as it will be my first line treatment from here on out. Thank you Toni for helping me become pain free! I am Forever a loyal customer! -Leah

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