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Acupuncture Helped My Sciatica Pain When Nothing Else Did

I have been suffering from sciatica and piriformis syndrome for over 3 years, seen over 15 chiropractors, done physical therapy, deep tissue massages, and while all these things helped, the pain kept coming back . Decided to try acupuncture which I was skeptical about at first, didn’t see how poking needles into my body would make a difference and I was wrong . First treatment, got great results; I’m only on my 4th treatment over the course of 1 month and half and I m happy to say that 70% of the pain is gone. Toni does a great job of pinpointing where the source of the problem is and treat it right away. Looking forward to being pain free soon and I know Toni will get me there. Toni you are the BEST!


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