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Acupuncture Helped My Migraines, Insomnia, and Anxiety

acupuncture for migranesThere are no words sufficient for describing how much acupuncture has improved my life! My migraines, insomnia, & anxiety are all reduced to almost nonexistent. During the course of my treatment, I’ve gone from 3-4 medication-resistant migraines per month to one every 8-10 weeks that responds to medication within 30 minutes! Toni is knowledgable, highly qualified, and very caring. She has never failed to give me quick and lasting results following treatment. She is absolutely the best!!  – Julee


UPDATE: I’ve gone from 1) 6-8 migraines/mo to 1 migraine/2-3 months; 2) horrible back pain to no back pain; 3) anxiety requiring heavy Rx to almost no anxiety; 4) insomnia & 3 hrs/sleep per night to 6-7 hrs sleep per night………Thank you, Toni, for changing my world!!!!! Can’t wait until Friday!!!! 🙂


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