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Acupuncture Helped Me During Pregnancy

I started going to Toni for acupuncture when I first became pregnant, and am now 6 months along. I have had the easiest pregnancy I have ever heard of, and what little does ail me clears within minutes of my session. I’ve had NO morning sickness or nausea, been able to sleep well, had little stress and hormonal outbursts, and very little ligament pain. I have had horrible sciatica that I’ve had to see a specialist to correct the alignment and posture in my hips, but within minutes of leaving a session with Toni, all the pain is gone. I’ve also had teenager, pizza-face acne my whole life that no amount of prescriptions, Proactiv, or natural remedies has helped; now my acne has cleared and what little outbreaks I get are completely cleared within 10 minutes of an acupuncture session with Toni. Toni also shows me various pressure points to massage for instant relief if I experience pain or a flare-up in-between sessions. She is very professional, and knows various methods of acupuncture to ensure safety during pregnancy. I HIGHLY recommend anyone go to her for acupuncture, especially those who are pregnant or are trying to conceive. I will continue to see her well after my baby is born and for all my future pregnancies! -Amie

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