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Research Closing in on How Acupuncture Affects Stress

by Toni Twitty
Acupuncture OKC: Chinese Medicine Expert


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It is a widely held belief that acupuncture is a great way to relieve stress, but how does it do so? Several studies have seen groups diagnosed with chronic stress display remarkable improvement in quality of life and lower stress levels due to acupuncture. Despite this evidence it has remained unclear why or how acupuncture is able to reduce stress levels. A recent study, however, has come closer to pin pointing how acupuncture can specifically target and reduce stress. The researchers found that acupuncture interacted with hormones in the brain to reduce their stress elevating effects. These results are promising as researchers find more and more evidence to show that acupuncture is a scientifically viable way to relieve stress and other ailments. 

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Toni Twitty, Acupuncture Physician at Be Well Acupuncture Edmond, OK is an highly respected expert Acupuncturist in the Oklahoma City metro area. She specializes in resolving pain, treating chronic conditions, and improving fertility. Learn more about Toni here

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