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Giving Back Through Social Media

giving back through social mediaPlease help us in our mission of giving back through social media! Every time you check-in on our Be Well Acupuncture Facebook page or Instagram page, your check-in will generate a donation to a great cause.

The donation is made possible by our new partner, Causely. Causely exists to help more people experience the joy of doing good. Together we can make a major impact in the world just by checking-in on Facebook and Instagram! 

Get started now! All you have to do is check-in on your status update, select Be Well Acupuncture as the location, type in some hashtags described below, and hit post or share! It’s that simple! On Facebook you don’t even have to be at our location in order to check-in, so feel free to do it everyday if want – we would love it! On Instagram you have to be at our office in order to add a location to an image that you post. Here’s an example of what it looks like to check-in at Be Well Acupuncture on both sites with your mobile phone:giving back through social media



We started this program in the middle of April and met our goal of 100 check-ins in only half a month, so owner Toni Twitty decided to continue the program through May! Each month the donations go to a different charity and Toni donates $1 per check-in. Awesome huh? Click here to see all of the good that has been done so far.

okc acupuncture“Help my family give to charity by checking in to Be Well Acupuncture! The more check-ins, the more money we give. It only takes a second to help, so start checking in today! Thank you for helping!” – Toni Twitty, owner and acupuncturist at Be Well Acupuncture in Edmond, OK

During April, every 2 check-ins at Be Well Acupuncture on Facebook or Instagram provide 1 minute of therapy for an autistic child and their family. We worked with Causely and The Autism Site to make this happen. Our participants added #autismawareness and #checkinginforcharity to the post when they checked in. For more information about the month of April’s charity, check out

giving back through social media

During May, every check-in at Be Well Acupuncture on Facebook or Instagram helps provide life-changing surgery to someone in need. For this project, we’re working with Causely and Watsi to make it happen. Please add #changealife and #checkinginforcharity to the post when you check in. For more information about this month’s charity, check out back through social media

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