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3 Ways to End Back Pain

Back Pain OKC

The dreaded back pain. I recently hurt my back; I was simply giving the dog a bath and bam, I could hardly move. Pain was radiating down my leg like fire and I was unable to get up from sitting or laying down without muttering some choice phrases and my husband’s assistance. I ended up having to take a day off of work. Luckily, as an Acupuncturist and expert in back pain relief, I was able to heal my back pain in less than 24 hours without a doctor’s visit or medication. Here are 3 solutions for your back pain.



Step one of any back injury is apply heat. This helped to loosen the muscle tissue and provide increased blood flow to promote healing. It also felt fantastic! Damp heat is the best, but all I had at home was a heating pad, so I made that work for me. I stayed on the heating pad anytime I was not mobile. Use caution with heating though- my heating pad turns itself off in with 2 hours of use and I set it to low when I was sleeping to prevent any tissue damage. Remember, we’re relaxing the muscles and promoting healing not seeing how much heat we can take and further harming ourselves.


No matter how delicious it seemed, I didn’t succumb to the pain and lay down for any length of time. I kept myself mobile and gently stretched my back gradually. I couldn’t touch my toes, but I could gently rotate my torso, bend over slightly, bend back slightly, etc.  I also went to the chiropractor the next morning. She helped release some of the tension in my SI joints. An excellent Chiropractor is great at helping gently stretch, aka adjust, tight muscles causing pain. Be careful to not over-do the stretching; you’re going for slow, gentle movements.


You haven’t lived until you’re in so much pain that you’re sticking tiny needles into your own body for some relief. Because my husband has carpel tunnel from time to time, I keep a handful of Acupuncture needles at home. I generally do acupoints on the arms and hands for back pain, and I was very happy that it worked well for me as placing needles into my low back myself was not an option. After the first treatment, my back pain was reduced by at least 75% and I had a greater range of motion. I treated myself another time the next morning and again that afternoon. By that evening, I was cooking dinner, putting up the Christmas tree, and regretting having taken the day off of work. Acupuncture can help you get the relief that you deserve. It is drug free, cost effective, safe, and effective.


The next time you experience back pain, use these 3 simple tips to recover quickly. If you have chronic or long-standing back pain, stretching, heat, and Acupuncture will still help you but your recovery may be longer. Acupuncture is a gentle and personalized form of healing, so don’t hesitate to reach out to see how Acupuncture can help you heal your back pain forever.


Be Well Acupuncture, located in Oklahoma City, OK, is committed to helping everyone live pain free through natural and drug-free health treatments. We have the expertise required to help patients achieve results. Don’t live with pain when there is a simple and natural solution.

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