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Acupuncture for Men

acupuncture for menAcupuncture helps treat many ailments for women, children, and even men! Many of our male patients suffer from back pain for various reasons. We especially see back pain in many father’s – maybe from lifting the kiddos up too much! We definitely don’t want playtime to stop so we suggest fixing the problem instead. Almost all of our male and female patients experience pain relief with acupuncture! Don’t take our word for it, here are some of the acupuncture testimonials that have been submitted by our male patients via google, facebook, and yelp. 

20+ years in the martial arts have left me with numerous low back, hip, and shoulder aches and pains. My wife talked me into trying acupuncture and the pain that I previously assumed that I would have to deal with for the rest of my life is essentially gone! If you are looking for pain relief, be sure to see my wife for Acupuncture because she rocks!

-Brian Twitty

Toni is absolutely an amazing acupuncturist who really seems to get who I am as a person.  This alone just helps me be able to go see her.  I can walk into her office and know I’m not going to be judged, but still get quality treatments from a medical provider.

I love her can-do attitude and her willingness to accommodate me.  It’s a different concept to spend time with patients nowadays, as most doctors have you waiting longer than they actually spend face-to-face time with you!  And Toni definitely takes the time to focus on your treatments, and doesn’t have you rushing out to make another quick buck (or like many other acupuncturists I’ve been to…taking patients on top of your treatment time in another room).

She has an incredible knowledge base having been pre-med before studying acupuncture.  I feel completely comfortable telling her anything, because I know her heart is in the right place and that she can truly help me.

-Mathew K.

I have seen Toni a few times and I always feel great afterwards! I have back problems and my sciatic nerve has been hurting bad. Toni fixed me right up!

-Simon Bourke

I have had chronic back pain for nearly 10 years. I have seen physical therapists, doctors, and have been open to any type of relief I could find. I was having a particularly painful episode in my upper back not long ago and went and saw Toni. After a short, painless treatment I was instantly relieved and did not have any back pain whatsoever for about 10 days (a personal record). I HIGHLY recommend Toni and would (and have) told as many folks as I can to give acupuncture a shot.

– Jason

I have been suffering from sciatica and piriformis syndrome for over 3 years, seen over 15 chiropractors, done physical therapy, deep tissue massages, and while all these things helped, the pain kept coming back . Decided to try acupuncture which I was skeptical about at first, didn’t see how poking needles into my body would make a difference and I was wrong . First treatment, got great results; I’m only on my 4th treatment over the course of 1 month and half and I m happy to say that 70% of the pain is gone. Toni does a great job of pinpointing where the source of the problem is and treat it right away. Looking forward to being pain free soon and I know Toni will get me there. Toni you are the BEST!


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