Acupuncture for Addiction

Addiction is defined as the compulsive physiological need for and use of a habit-forming substance, which means addiction can come in a lot of different forms.  People can be addicted to illicit drugs like heroin just as easily as they can be addicted to sugar. But for the purpose of this article, let’s stick to illicit drugs and alcohol.

According to the Health Services Administration, 23.5 million people ages 12 or older have needed treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. And the treatments provided aren’t guaranteed, nor are they always easy. Luckily, there are alternative treatment options that can help. continue reading »

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Does Your Liver Need a Spring Tune-Up?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season is ruled by a particular organ system and spring is connected to the liver. What does this mean? Well, you probably notice changes in the way you feel, both physically and mentally, as the seasons change. I know I tend to feel a bit more contemplative and introspective during the winter months. Once spring hits, I’m ready to recharge and get things done. The liver energy is strong and assertive, the type of energy you need to create plans and then propel them into motion. However, if your liver is a little out of balance, you might notice you are more irritable or on edge than usual. Here are a few signs that your liver is in need of an acupuncture tune-up: continue reading »

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Stay Hydrated For Better Health This Summer

by Toni Twitty

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Expert in Oklahoma City


Stay Hydrated this Summer!

Remember to stay hydrated! It is recommended that you drink half of your body weight in fluid ounces every day. For example, a 150lb. person should be drinking 75 oz. of water daily. It sounds like a lot, but your body will thank you! In addition, taking homeopathic cell salts and electrolytes daily will help your body stay hydrated. Drinking an adequate amount of water will also help prevent things such as heat exhaustion, kidney stones, and wrinkles. Check out some of the creative ways in which you can stay well-hydrated on our Pinterest Page! continue reading »

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Acupuncture for Athletic Performance and Recovery

by Toni Twitty
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Expert in Oklahoma City


Acupuncture for Sports Performance and Injury 

If you are an athlete, you might want to consider trying acupuncture to help you heal, remain injury free, and even improve stamina. Acupuncture has a very high success rate in resolving sports related injuries and is even known help to prevent injuries. Today many professional sports teams have acupuncturists on staff to treat both acutely and chronically injured players as well as help them recover from the physical demands of their discipline faster to improve stamina. Often, those specializing in sports injuries focus on musculoskeletal injuries like stressed or damaged muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints. continue reading »

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Acupuncture For Low Back Pain

back pain okc Acupuncture For Back Pain

Low back pain seems to hit everyone at some point in life. Whether it’s a new ache or long-lived issues, acupuncture is here to help! Instead of turning to pain killers or surgery, consider giving the world’s longest continually practiced medicine a try- you may be surprised at the results!

continue reading »

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