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76ers Robert Covington’s Quick Recovery With Acupuncture

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by Toni Twitty, M.Ac., Ph.D.c 

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture OKC Expert


NBA player Robert Covington of the 76ers, was back in the game to take on the Thunder after sitting out the 2 previous games. Suffering from back stiffness and a limited range of motion after hitting his back on a metal object when he fell into the stands to save a ball. Covington joined thousands of Americans when opted to use an ancient therapy to get himself back in the game- Acupuncture. He stated that acupuncture, “did a lot of movement, and a lot stuff that really opened up my back,”. The Thunder went on the beat the 76ers in a narrow 2-point victory. 

Just this year, the American College of Physician released a new guideline including that Acupuncture should be a first-line treatment for back pain over medication or surgery (Qaseem, 1). This recommendation comes with the assessment of many studies which point to Acupuncture being 20% more effective than the previous standard of care (Johnson, 1-2). 

If you are suffering from back pain, whether acute or long-term we want to help you get back into the game.


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acupuncture okc

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